January 31, 2013


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www.billtownblog.com was thought to be a blog  about the upto date news and commentary of life in Williamsport which is in Pennsylvania in the United States. Situated in Lycoming County the poultaion is approx 30,000 and famous for being the birth place of little league baseball which is a non for profit organisation organising local youth baseball matches. There would have been all sorts of information on the blog from motor homes for sale to indepandenace day celebration events

September 29, 2014

Precautions to lost dogs

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I have lots of friends on facebook that are very animal orientated and are always the first to try and help owners find their pets if they have become lost or indeed stolen. It always gets me thinking about how people try and help to avoid these awful situations. There seems to be so many people that do not do the simple things such as have their dog or cat wear a collar with the owners details on a name tag, or have their pet micro chipped. These things seem so simple yet each year thousands of animals become lost due to these simple precautions not being followed. We all know that cats like to wander but the amount of lost dogs in the UK is increasing yearly. Companies such as www.animalsearchuk.co.uk do a fantastic job finding lost pets but with a little more care can some of these instances be avoided?

June 10, 2014

Radiator Showcase

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Where do you buy a radiator when you want one? It seems to be the domain of the builder or plumber to get you one  which limits the ability for the customer to choose one. Of course there are all of the classic white radiators that we are familiar with but if you are looking for anything different there does not seem to be that many actual showrooms for the different types of radiators such as the classic column radiators or the more stylish aluminium radiators. This makes the task of choosing a radiator of the room you are carfully designing that little bit more tricky. Of course we can use the internet but its not quiet the same as getting to see something first hand,  and the choice is truly staggering from the classic column radiators to modern looking aluminium radiators. If people had the ability to choose easier then surley we would seen more of a range in peoples houses. One place I did find a great range was www.apolloradiators.co.uk

July 23, 2013

town signs

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I recently became the chairman of the local village hall. As I am a retired businessman I was happy to take on the task and try to create some cash for the hall as it had become rather run down over the years. One of the fundraisers that we decided to go with was a fun run. It was whilst organising this and trying to sign post the route when we started to struggle with attaching the posters to the lampposts that we were planning. We searched for ages on the internet for sign clips and  sign holders and eventually found a great little company at the website www.signclip.co.uk They have created some fantastic little inventions that make attaching signs to lampposts easy.  What did we ever do without the internet and the ability to find these little companies that produce such great little piece of kit.

May 30, 2013

Team Billtown

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Team building activities are a great way to get to know people who you may not have previously not met. Team-building exercises can cause immense amounts of side-stitching laughter and create new bonds and friendships within a group that can last forever. There are a few  basic pieces of equipment that a goood trainer will always have to run a  wide variety of activities. Some of these props could include rope, cones and eye masks. We use a great little website for the latter called www.eyemasks.org.uk where the price is very highly competetive fora a great product. You can of course use larger props and pieces of equipment but some smaller pieces can be just as effective.

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